Friday, December 5, 2014

I Wrote This?! - a series reviewing my older writing - Static

This installment of I Wrote This?! is a mishmash of the last two, sort of.  No, I didn't bring the dark elves into the same universe as the X-men and Batman, let's not get totally crazy.  What I mean is that this is just a small piece of story, an intro based on an idea for a new character that I started and never picked up again.  And it is still set in Claw's world and she is still ridiculously overpowered, even showing off a power or two that I don't think was ever brought up in that other story.

The date of the original wps file I have for this story is from 1998, though it may be from earlier if I made a few edits somewhere along the way.  I imagine that's reasonably close though.

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