Wednesday, July 22, 2015

A quick note

As of right now, the last proper review I posted was done at the end of April 2015.  At that time, I found myself simply not enjoying writing blog posts anymore, not liking the idea of throwing my opinions out there with no guarantee of getting any kind of response.  And who am I that my opinion really matters all that much anyway?

I still post my opinions on things, but in much shorter form on twitter.  It feels right, and also seems a better way to find like minded people to discuss it with you.  People just don't really blog like they used to, and "Never read the comments" has become gospel for so many that they certainly aren't going to leave any either.

I left blogger in March 2014 for my own personal site, but with my lack of interest in doing reviews, podcasts, videos, etc, I see no more reason to continue to pay for that site.  As such I've backed up the posts I had over there here, back dated to when they were written.  The sad part is there's no good way to import the comments over there on to here short of copy pasting them.

Is this the absolute end of my writings?  Time will tell, most likely when another Stephen King adaptation gets released and I see whether or not I feel like doing another Castle Rock Companion piece on it.  Or maybe some day I'll be looking to write a more personal journal entry, and I'll come here.  Who knows.  I'm an introvert, and writing things down has always been part of my nature.

Until then, if you've stumbled upon this site looking for something to read, I hope you find something you enjoy in the archives. I've tried to tag them as best as possible to help people find things.  And there's the archive of my other projects in the banner at the top as well.
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