Friday, April 9, 2010

The Big Bang Theory Season 1

I remember when the previews for The Big Bang Theory came out. I remember it because I remember thinking to myself that it seemed like the kind of show I would enjoy. A show that centers around four nerds? Really, assuming it was done right, how could I not enjoy it? I think I had some reservations about stereotyping and the like, but I really meant to watch it. The problem is I don't watch much television at all. If it wasn't for my DVR, I would watch even less. The idea of remembering exactly when a show comes on TV and reserving the time to watch it every week just seems almost tedious to me. The only exception I make for that is Lost, because if you don't watch it ASAP, you're going to be dodging spoilers all over the internet, and honestly I'm really looking forward to it being over so that I can have my one hour a weeknight free again. I'd much rather use the time to watch movies or play video games.

Anyway, regularly reading Wil Wheaton's blog meant I heard all about his appearance on the show, and was definitely intrigued. I started reading a couple recaps on TV Squad to see what I thought, and there was always a plethora of secrets about the show on Fandom Secrets about people saying which characters should hookup, whether they thought Sheldon was asexual, etc. So a week or so ago Amazon put the first two seasons on sale for $15 each and I bit the bullet.

This show was made for me.

From the first episode I was pretty much in love. I have laughed out loud hysterically at least once per episode if not more. The whole "Leonard has a thing for Penny" angle is a little tedious, but that may be because I already know that the two of them are going to end up together.

I absolutely love Sheldon, though Howard runs a close second. My love of Sheldon is nothing unique, I know. He's easily the most popular character on the show. It's easy to see why: He is completely over the top ridiculous in his inability to relate to humanity. In a lot of ways, he's not all that different from Spock or Data.. an outsider among the normals. He definitely fits much closer to the Spock end of the spectrum however, having no desire to truly fit in. I think I can't help but be a little envious of that. We've all felt isolated and confused by others' reactions at times, but wouldn't it be kind of awesome to also be blissfully unaware and unaffected by that kind of rejection?

I think the best part of the show is that it appeals to the nerd in all of us.. whether you're a book nerd, a comic book nerd, a video game nerd, a sci-fi nerd, etc. etc. etc. you'll find something to relate to the characters on this show. If not, there's always Penny.

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