Thursday, July 8, 2010

Want to play a good Back to the Future game?

I've been filling out surveys on the internet for a few years now. Some of them pay me in money and others in gift cards, but to be honest I like filling them out regardless. It's particularly great when they're related to something I actually care about, like letting movie companies know that their recent deal to hold back rental releases 28 days is not going to make me buy their movies.

Right before E3, it was announced that Telltale Games had purchased the rights to make a Back to the Future game. I was immediately wary of the idea, wondering just how they could possibly get it right. They're a good company and I enjoy what they've done with the Strong Bad and Monkey Island games they've put out, but Back to the Future? Could they really do it without losing what was so great about those movies?

Well, now you have the option to make your voice heard and give them a chance to not screw it up. Follow the link to take the survey on their site. Who knows, you might even win the $1000 drawing they're offering. I found it really fun to take myself. What nerd doesn't love rating their favorite parts/characters/action sequences of one of the best trilogies out there?

I suppose at the very least, you won't be dodging guys holding window glass or getting thrown into the wall by guys in muscle shirts anymore. Right?


  1. What are some trustworthy survey sites that you've used? I'm interested in earning money/gift cards!

  2. Globaltestmarket pays cash, though it takes awhile to get to the $50 minimum that they pay out.

    e-Rewards pays out in gift cards. I joined that one by invitation for being on the Gamestop email list.. I'm not sure if just anyone can sign up or if you need an invite.

    YouGov PollingPoint also takes awhile to rack up the points, but I enjoy their surveys better than a lot of the others (they're usually about politics or celebrities). They have a mix of items like totebags and tshirts as well as some gift cards.


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