Thursday, August 12, 2010

Battlestar Galactica, season 4

So I finished Battlestar Galactica last night. Season 4 started off really strong, then started to lag to the point where I was watching the episodes before the finale kind of feeling like I didn't care anymore. I think the problem was that they answered a lot of questions early on in the season and then it was like they had to fill up space before the finale.

A nonspoiler version for those of you who are behind like me: If you've never watched this show, GO RENT IT. If you enjoyed Lost even a little bit, even if you gave up on that show because it got too confusing, you'll love Battlestar. The characters are likable (or hate-able as needed) and the stories are well done. The scifi really takes a back seat to the religious and political allegory that for the most part allows you to make up your own mind and is fair to both sides rather than preaching to you in anyway.

From here on there be spoilers!

I had heard some people complaining about the ending being disappointing. I can't really figure out why. There was one big thing that bugged the hell out of me, that being Kara's vanishing act with no explanation of what she was at all.. but otherwise I felt like they really wrapped up the story quite nicely. It felt like a satisfying ending, much more so than Lost's ending.

I never imagined in all my time watching the show that the couple I would get the most attached to was Adama/Roslin, but man did they hit the soft spot in my heart. Too adorable, those two.

When the line was drawn and people had to choose sides, I yelled so loudly at Baltar to get on over there that I scared both my cats. He was such a great character, because sometimes you hated his guts and other times you really wanted to see him redeemed.

I guess the creators really wanted us to see Lee/Kara as one of those poisonous relationships that just aren't meant to be. I just can't help but think they were actually perfect for each other. I couldn't feel anything for Kara/Anders through their very last goodbye. Chemistry between actors is everything.

I wish they hadn't chosen Gaeta for the revolution. I understood the reasoning behind it, I just really liked him as a character and would have liked to see him there to the very end.

Dean Stockwell is the man. Cavil was so very different a character from Al, but I loved him as both. I also laughed/cheered when he shot himself. Of course he'd wuss out completely!

I really liked the circular nature of the story and the parallels. I guess maybe some people wanted that explained/answered, but I think it speaks for itself. They hyped up that opera house vision for so long it needed a great payoff, and I think they did a good job with it.

I have a robot fear. It's part uncanny valley and part reading too many sci-fi novels. Needless to say, those dancing robots at the end, and particularly the robot girl, gave me the willies twice as hard as I normally get from those things. I got them hard all over again when I was recapping it for Jak half an hour later. Thanks a lot, BSG.

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