Friday, September 3, 2010

Friday Distractions

I have upgraded my html skills and now know how to get links to open in a new window/tab. Yeah, it's a pretty basic command, but the last time I created a webpage tabs didn't exist yet. But you now no longer have to right click or do the back and forth game to visit these.

I know most of us are anxiously awaiting Labor Day Weekend, so let's get to it:

Collector's editions of games are generally regarded as wastes of money. Personally I still display the batarang I got with Batman: Arkham Asylum in my front room, and there's a large part of me that wants to add this Mickey figure to that collection.

I have a thing for beagles and beagle mixes. This particularly puppy is just too adorable and I want to steal him.

If you buy me a pair of the Robin shoes, you can get a Batman pair and we'll fight crime together.

Trying to identify all 100 of these movie characters should keep you busy for awhile.

A comparison of Hulu, Hulu Plus, and Netflix Streaming. Since it fully admits to being slightly out of date, here's some recent editions to Netflix Streaming. I'm most excited for Alfred Hitchcock Presents and Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventures. I watched an episode of the latter this morning. It's particularly fun to hear Keanu, Alex Winter, and George Carlin reprising their roles. It's also nice to know I don't have to buy all the dvd sets for Buffy anymore.

If you're into video game music, you need to check out the soundtrack for the Scott Pilgrim game. Listen to the whole album for free, then buy it.

Did you go fill out that survey about the Back to the Future game? They've released some details about what will be included in the game. Looks to be shaping up pretty good so far, though I'm waiting to hear a bit more. In other Telltale Game news, soon you will get to see Max, Strong Bad, Tycho, and TF2's Heavy play poker with each other. I'll most likely be getting that one.

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