Monday, August 15, 2011

Beastie Boys Action Figures (video)

Poor planning on my part means this video clocks in at just under 25 minutes. It's a little fumbling in parts and this is the first time I had to edit clips filmed out of sequence, but I still think it is entertaining and hope you will enjoy it.

If you've got the cash, you can order your own set here.

I love that I seem horribly embarrassed by the fact that I still own Barbie and Ken, but not at all bothered by the other toys.

As promised, this is the video directed by Spike Jonze featuring these action figures:

The alternate outfits here make me think there is a way to change them, but of course they could have just had special dolls made for it, so who knows. If they are changeable and they sold these outfits, I would probably buy them too.

And these are the two charities you can make a donation to if you don't have enough for the actual figures:
Pablove Foundation
Alex's Lemonade Stand

Also, since I seem to have a knack for uploading these to Youtube shortly before I go to bed and then posting them on here in the morning, you can watch these before anyone else by subscribing to angie462 over there.


  1. +JMJ+

    ROFL!!! Why did you put Mr. Dollar Store in Barbie's bikini bottom???

    Another LOL for turning your Barbies into Beastie Boys groupies. Not all Barbies are so lucky, though! =P

    Did you ever have a Jem doll? I remember a collector saying she was frustrated as a girl by the Jem dolls being too big to exist in the same world as her Barbie dolls. Later, as an adult, she realised it was Hasbro-Sunbow's way of making sure you bought more than one doll: if your one Jem doll could play with a Barbie, you'd probably only get one of the former; but if she couldn't, you'd have to get another Jem doll to keep her company. Not a cool hardball tactic, if you ask me.

    And Remy is beautiful! =D When you picked him up and nuzzled him, you made me wish I had a cat just like him . . . and I'm not even a cat person!

  2. This is a complete and utter guess here... but perhaps I wanted to match that top he's wearing? They both have pink in them, at least. I'm pretty sure those are Barbie jeans too.. he's built pretty wildly different from Ken.

    I didn't have any Jem dolls, and I think their larger size was part of what turned me off from them. Not being able to switch clothes between them would have frustrated me. I think 70% of the time I spent playing with Barbie was spent changing their outfits. Though I guess I would have improvised like I did with Mr. Dollar Store. :)

    Remy is my favorite baby. I suppose a mother isn't supposed to show favoritism, but what can I say, he's shy and quirky like me so I can't help but be attached!


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