Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Elvira: Mistress of the Dark

Today is the first day of February, which means it's the beginning of Women in Horror Month!  At least once a week I'll be posting reviews that salute the ladies of horror in one way or another.  I thought I'd start it off by having some nice cheesy fun with the horror icon Elvira.  Growing up in the 80s I remember seeing Elvira all the time in commercials and other television appearances.  She's certainly hard to miss!  I always loved her cheesy sense of humor.  I hadn't seen her film before now so I decided to check it out.

Elvira, Mistress of the Dark is a fun blend of cheesy 80s comedy and a salute to classic horror films that ends in an over the top music video.  Apparently Cassandra Peterson was nominated for a Razzie for the film and most reviews of it are abysmal.  But frankly I think anyone that is hard on this film and tries to take it seriously is missing the point.

Elvira is fired from her horror hosting job after she refuses to put up with her boss sexually harassing her.  Fortunately for the plot her great-aunt has just passed away and left her an inheritance, so we're off to Falwell, Massachusetts, an ultra wholesome community, where Elvira gets a dilapidated house, a poodle, and a recipe book.  The adults, led by the fabulous Edie McClurg, are not happy to see her arrival, but the teenagers of the town are absolutely delighted.  There's also her great-uncle, who was left out of the will and really wants that recipe book. (Hint: It's really a spellbook!)  The plot is ultra-thin and predictable, but the movie is really all about the gags and jokes so it's hard to care.  Elvira turns the fluffy poodle into a punk rock dog and  the teenagers help Elvira paint her house to look like something ready for Mardi Gras.