Thursday, November 29, 2012

Castle Rock Cash In - Sometimes They Come Back Again

Just a reminder that if you missed my review comparing the first film to Stephen King's short story, it can be found here.

Take it away, Noel!

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  1. So how does Jim Norman even tie into the film? Are these supposedly the same greasers? Or does the main character call him because he has experience in these matters?

    It's a shame, because this does seem like a really good cast for a direct to DVD film, but if you consider it unwatchable I'd probably dislike it even more.

  2. Spoilers: The latter. It's implied that the greasers from the first film came back because they were dabbling in Satanism, too, which allegedly runs rampant in this town. The priest is Jon's occultist mentor, who mentions Jim as someone constantly struggling with a similar situation. Cut to a montage of Jon calling around, trying to track Jim down. He reaches Jim's wife (we only hear her voice, and while she does sound like Brooke Adams from part 1, the role is uncredited) who tells him Jim died just that morning. It's then revealed Tony is the one on the other end, messing with Jim. It's a weird scene. :)

    I don't know that I'd call the film unwatchable. It's just really really bad. You personally might still find it interesting given the bits of the story it recycles (I show almost none of the final ritual in the review), Hillary Swank never slips into bad acting just bad material, and Alexis Arquette's performance as Tony really is a lot of fun. Just don't go in expecting it to be handled by capable hands. :)

    And now for For More...

  3. I'll say this much for Alexis Arquette's performance: he at least knew what sort of movie he was in (i.e., a schlocky one) and gave an appropriate performance. The last time I watched it, I tried to pretend he was actually Jerry Seinfeld, and it helped.

    An awful movie, but as far as the cash-in sequels go, it's maybe one of the better.


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