Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Castle Rock Companion - Maximum Overdrive/Trucks

You're going to want to be sure to watch all the way to the end for this one. :)


  1. Great review of both, and I completely agree. King was never the best at story structure, but he somehow made it work half the time, and Maximum Overdrive more than makes up for not making much sense by just being pure fun. Trucks, yeah, totally flat, though I completely forgot about bits like T.I.T., the hazmat suit, and the Tonka truck.

    Also, LAWNMOWER MAN!!!

  2. I agree with Noel; whatever "Maximum Overdrive" lacks in clarity, logic, style, good acting, or any other normal cinematic virtue you could name, it makes up for by being fun. On purpose? I'm less convinced. But in the end, it doesn't much matter.





    "Trucks," on the other hand, is just awful.


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