Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Castle Rock Companion - The Lawnmower Man

 Huge thanks to Noel for joining me this episode and putting up with my ribbing.


  1. I saw this movie in a theatre when it came out. I took my brother to see it, and we also saw "Medicine Man," which, like "The Lawnmower Man," starred a James Bond. Both movies sucked, but hey, some days are like that.

    I actually did not know that "The Lawnmower Man" began life as a (literally) unrelated screenplay which then had the King-related elements grafted onto it. No wonder King sued!

    But in the end, I sort of agree with Noel that while the King elements may be slight, they ARE there. So personally, I still count it as a King movie.

    Fun fact: in the scenes where the one guy from The Shop is talking to the other one on the huge wall monitor, the guy on the monitor is Dean ("Breaking Bad" and "Under the Dome") Norris!

    1. I'm willing to admit my dislike for the movie may be making it harder for me to similarities.

      I have been noticing Dean more and more lately in smaller parts in old movies/shows. I loved him in both those shows so it's fun whenever I do see him.


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