Monday, June 23, 2014

Wolverine and the X-men(TV) - episode 5 - Thieves Gambit

Does that title get you as excited as it did me?  Any chance to talk about the Cajun does that.  And this episode is a really good one for Gambit fans!

We start off seeing a young girl running from the MRD, and the more upset she becomes the more she heats up.  Devoted X-men fans already know this girl is Magma, a mutant with lava based powers.  She eventually becomes lava herself, and Wolverine swoops in, putting a power inhibiting collar around her neck to keep her from completely losing control.

We pull back to see this is all being watched on a monitor, where Dr. Zane is showing the footage to the Thieves Guild to ask them to retrieve the collar for her.  Most of them think stealing from the X-men is far too risky, but Gambit is willing to do it as long as she can afford his price.  He's so cool and cocky that I just love him to pieces here.

Wolverine sends Magma (referred to here by her real name Amara) back home to Brazil.  She begs him to let her keep the collar, but he tells her it is dangerous with long term use.  He brings it back to the mansion, and we see all the X-men settling in for bed while Gambit sneaks in to steal it.  He is successful, but Wolverine uses his senses to track him down and retrieve it.

Gambit is able to make the exchange to Zane before Logan catches up to him, and she brings it back to her lab where she and Bolivar Trask will try to learn how Forge built it so they can copy it.  Logan is pretty pissed at Gambit when he finds him, and he burns the cash Zane paid him, promising him double if he helps him get the collar back.  Which begs the question where Logan would get that much cash.  Do the X-men have a company fund based on Xavier's riches?  Does Logan have a savings account that dates back to the 1800s and has therefore grown considerably in size?  Or is he just bluffing?

Logan and Remy butt heads on how to go about breaking into the lab, and this is by far the strength of the episode, watching the two of them bicker and mock each other.  Gambit is all about stealth and finesse, and Logan is all about tearing things apart and taking whatever he wants.  Both have their value at different times.  They are able to make it into the lab, but Trask sets a sentinel prowler after them while he and Zane escape.  Gambit tries to double cross Wolverine, leaving him to deal with the prowler alone while stealing the collar, but Logan outsmarts him and manages to keep it while also tearing the prowler apart.

We see him return home, his costume in rags, and he tosses the collar in front of Forge at the kitchen table before saying "We need new locks."

Yet another fantastic episode, with a great blend of humor and action.  I feel like if anyone ever asked you "what's the big deal about Wolverine and Gambit?  Why are they so popular?  Why did you name your cats after them?" you can show them this episode and they'll probably understand.

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