Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Wolverine and the X-men(TV) episode 10 - "Greetings from Genosha"

It's time to check back in with Nightcrawler and see how's he's doing.  The freighter he and the other misfit mutants are on has finally reached the shores of Genosha.  He's a little concerned about Magneto and whether he's truly running the place fairly, so Magneto tasks his daughter Wanda, aka the Scarlet Witch, to take him on a tour.  The two of them clearly have an attraction to one another.  This is once again the writers of this show throwing a nod to the comics - Nocturne is a character from an alternate timeline who has these two for parents.  I'm kind of surprised she doesn't end up showing up in the future with Xavier.  Or maybe she does and I'm forgetting.  But for now, the two of them keep it friendly as Wanda shows Kurt the near utopia Genosha has become, with mutants living together in harmony and not being afraid to show off their powers.

As you would expect, there are cameos galore here once again.  Many of them are logically from Magneto's followers the Acolytes, but we also see Dazzler performing a concert and Mercury, a young mutant from more recent years also plays a part.  She's the type of character I feel like was lifted out of my subconscious, as she's dressed in an outfit that reminds me a lot of Harley Quinn's color scheme and frequently shifts her body into weapons to attack people.  She's awesome.

Of course, no utopias are as they seem, and sure enough Fever Pitch goes on a rampage through the town.  He's subdued and Wanda shows Kurt the clean prison cells they keep the bad mutants in "until they can be rehabilitated" and reintroduced to the society.  But as he's going to bed for the night in the giant suite Magneto has given him, Dust appears in his room and tells him things are not as they seem.  He follows her as she allows herself to get caught and brought to the real prisons, which are much more dungeon like.  Honestly, beyond a grimier look, there's no real proof that these prisons are that much worse than the ones above.  In fact, these have larger cells while the ones he saw before were pretty cramped and meant the mutants couldn't do much more than sit in place the whole time.  But this is a cartoon and we must be expedient.

Magneto is severely disappointed that Nightcrawler had to see this, and he tries to stop him from leaving Genosha to get back to the X-men and tell them about it.  Kurt is a little too fast for his henchman though, and proceeds to line of sight teleport floating just above the sea all the way back to Westchester, NY.

At the same time as Nightcrawler's tour of Genosha, Angel has shown up at the mansion asking to see the Professor.  Kitty and Iceman are all set to take him there when Logan gets one whiff of Angel and starts attacking him.  There's some needless amount of confusion where the X-men don't understand before Logan states the obvious - it's a shapeshifter.  As an audience, we all know immediately that means Mystique, but apparently this version of the X-men have not run into her before now.  There's some good action scenes as she changes into various X-men while fighting Logan, until she turns into the Professor which seems to really piss him off.  She teases that she knows him, but apparently that is part of his erased memories.  She manages to mess with the X-men and confuse them into fighting each other, but a sudden call has her abandon looking for Xavier and leaving.

A completely exhausted Nightcrawler shows up outside the mansion and is greeted by Logan, who he proceeds to tell about Genosha.  But this is actually Mystique on her way out, and she sends a message to Magneto that she's got Nightcrawler and will bring him back with her to Genosha.

While the reveal of Magneto not being as benevolent as he seems isn't entirely pulled off well, I think we all expect it so much that it doesn't hurt this episode too badly.  There's a lot of great fight scenes both at the mansion and on Genosha, and Nightcrawler being Nightcrawler which is always a great thing.  Overall just a really solid episode.

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