Monday, February 1, 2016

Current Media - 2/1/16

Current reading material:
Audiobook - Mary Poppins
E-book  - The Man in the High Castle (though I'm putting this aside as reading at work is too hard lately.  Will pick it up after I finish the below book)
Physical book - Books of Blood Vol 1 -3

Marvel Comics Series:  (Yeah, haven't found much time for comics lately either.  Hoping to improve that this week)
Current issue date: Jan - Mar 2003
X-treme X-men
X-treme X-men Mechanix
Soldier X
Uncanny X-men

Current TV Shows I'm watching:
The Muppets
The Grinder 
Lupin III Series 3
Key & Peele
American Horror Story (about halfway through S4)
Phineas & Ferb
The X-files (current mini-series, may start a re-watch when it's done)
Legends of Tomorrow
Agent Carter

Podcasts I'm listening to fairly regularly:
Gilbert Gottfried's Amazing Colossal Podcast
Jay & Miles X-plain the X-men
Judge John Hodgman
StarTalk Radio

Video Games I'm playing:
Disney Tsum Tsum 
Rock Band 4 (trying to play at least once a week to practice singing)
Final Fantasy Record Keeper

Stuff I finished since last time:

The Confidence Gap - Probably one of the most realistic self help books I've ever read, and therefore amazingly helpful.  No fooling you into thinking you're going to eliminate all negative thinking, or that the work you need to do to improve yourself is going to be easy.  Just straight talk, a change of perspective, and a reminder to live in the moment rather than focusing on the thoughts in your head.  Highly recommended.

Deep Web - A documentary that I first heard about because it was directed by Alex Winter, and he has his friend Keanu do the narration as well.  But regardless it's an interesting look at anonymity on the internet focused around the Silk Road site and the arrest and trial of Ross Ulbricht in relation to it.  Recommended if privacy and anonymity are things you're interested in.

Hamilton (Original Broadway Cast Recording) - Finally broke down and gave this a listen and I am in love.  The hip hop blends well with the classic musical stylings to make it something interesting to listen to and super catchy, and the story is fascinating.  Brings your understanding of Alexander Hamilton from "$10 bill guy shot by Aaron Burr" to so much more. I first listened on Friday, and have come back to it in pieces every day since, frequently singing bits of it to myself in between.  I am frequently resistant to things getting a super amount of hype but in this case I feel the hype is very much deserved.  Highly recommended to at least give it a chance.  If you don't like it, it's okay, we can still be friends.

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