Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Current media 4-20-16

Current reading material:
American Sphinx: The Character of Thomas Jefferson by Joseph J Ellis
Hamilton: The Revolution by Lin Manual Miranda

Last comics read:
Agent X (2002) #6
Weapon X (2002) #4
Exiles (2001) # 20

Current TV shows I'm watching:
The Grinder
Legends of Tomorrow
Fear the Walking Dead

I am fiercely behind on podcasts because of vacation. Currently caught up on Jay & Miles X-plain the X-men and This American Life only.

Video Games I'm playing:
Avengers Academy (They are having a Guardians of the Galaxy event and I have almost recruited Drax and Rocket is next on the list and if the event ends before I get him I will scream)
Suikoden II

Stuff I finished since last time:

11.22.63 - Check my Castle Rock Companion episodes for full details, but I didn't like it.

Phineas & Ferb - While a lot of the early episodes of the most reason season felt really dull and uninspired, all of the various crossovers (Avengers, Star Wars) and one off specials (the 10 year flash forward, Doofenshmirtz as a teacher, etc) felt really fresh and fun.  Checking the Wikipedia page I see that this was in fact the end of the series, and I'm okay with that.  It would be nice if they did some specials still from time to time, but this felt like a good end to a good show.

Better Call Saul - This was a solid if a bit slow paced season.I fear there may be an issue of them not knowing how long the show will last, and therefore taking their time on moving things along.  But I'm enjoying seeing this early look at some of the characters and the twists and turns have me all wrapped up and connected to the show just as Breaking Bad once did.  It currently is not as strong a show as its predecessor, but I think they are building their way there.  They are certainly doing a good job of making me really dislike Chuck, and I'm so attached to Kim in a way that is so bittersweet.  I adore her and think she's a great companion for Jimmy, but I also know he must have done something to piss her off eventually since she's nowhere to be found in BB.  Or worse yet she's dead, but I don't want to think of that possibility.

In the Mouth of Madness - I watched this for a future Masters of Carpentry episode.  Details will have to wait until that premieres, but suffice to say I liked it.

I've been starting to feel a little restless, like I want to start working on some kind of project again, though I'm not sure what.  Basically just thinking I should spend a little more time creating.  Not stressing about it, but we'll see if inspiration hits me in one form or another.

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