Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Birthday weekend happenings


I started the day by seeing Iron Man 3 with my parents.  The nice thing about Iron Man is that while I know names here and there, for the most part I have no expectations about how things are supposed to go, and I'm able to just enjoy the movies as is.  And I did enjoy it, quite a bit.  I'll discuss it in more detail on our eventual Strangers from the Internet episode

After a disappointing lunch, Dayna called almost as soon as I got home to see if I was ready to head to the local comic shop for Free Comic Book Day.  I was.  I picked her up and we headed over.  The place was fairly crowded, but mostly because it's not a very large space to begin with.  It was good to see that many people out and interested in the whole thing, and I think the female presence was almost equal to the male there, which was nice.  We browsed a bit before I decided to get Saga volume 1 (a present from her as she had told me to pick a TPB) and also The Dark Tower: The Gunslinger Born.  I believe she got a Batgirl trade as well as issue #1 of The Movement.  We also grabbed what they had left of the free comics.

I dropped her off at home and headed back to my neighborhood to go vote.  I'm pretty sure that's the first time I ever voted in a non-presidential election (I voted for other things besides the president, but always because I was already there) and this was a vote related to the toll bridge and property taxes, so clearly I am officially old in order for me to care about such things enough.

From there on I helped Jak with the storyboards for our film shoot the next day while also watching some horrible season 4 ST:TNG episodes.  I went to bed early since we were getting up early for that.


I tend to keep logs of all our filming days so I won't go into too much detail here, but we were short handed and had nature against us but we still managed to get the whole scene done.

Since I had taken off the next day we weren't ready for our day to be over, so we called up our friends Hood & Corie and crashed their apartment.  We goofed off in our usual way, watching old videos and being exposed to the music of a woman who apparently records soundtracks for Skinemax flicks and also went out to eat at Peppers, which is a pizza place and not a Mexican restaurant as you might expect.  We were not going to drive ourselves crazy by going somewhere like that on the day that white people suddenly pretend to like Mexicans just because it gets them beer and margaritas.   I got macaroni and cheese as my entree, made grown up and amazing by the inclusion of caramelized onions in it.  One of these days I will have the patience to make my own caramelized onions and I will just put them on top of everything I eat.  Overall the visit was just a really good time.


Being my last day of freedom before work I mostly did chores but I did have a chance to read Saga.  I  can understand why it has been getting all the hype.  While certainly for adults only, the art is gorgeous and the universe these characters inhabit is very imaginative and full of possibilities.  I plan to start getting the rest of the series via individual digital issues.

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