Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Castle Rock Cash In - Pet Sematary 2

My review of the first film can be found here.

The burial ground in Pet Sematary gets its hooks in whoever uses it, not just pulling them to bring back a dead loved one or pet, but also making sure they refer someone else to use it as well.  So it's a story that is almost calling out for a sequel, even if the book suggests that the chain may finally be broken.

This is a film that should absolutely be seen, if only for one reason: Clancy Brown. His stumbling performance as zombie!Gus is an absolute treasure as he's pathetically adorable one moment, crap-your-pants disturbing the next. And when he finally does flip and go after his own family, wow. Just wow. 

It's worth noting that I also watched this one, and I happen to disagree with Noel quite a bit.  I left my feelings in a comment on his post.  Feel free to chime in over there with your own thoughts as well.
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