Thursday, August 29, 2013

Astonishing X-men #4

Blink squares off against Holocaust, and while he doesn't take her seriously at all, she actually holds her own quite well against him.  He's near impossible to kill, but she makes a valiant attempt.  Morph shows up to aid her, but surprise, it's actually Rogue having absorbed Morph's powers in order to get close to Holocaust and do him some damage.  It's through this that we find that Rogue is just as capable of making bad jokes as he is.  Holocaust still knocks her cold though and only Morph changing into young Charles is enough to awake her and make her get back up.

In New York, Apocalypse shows a captured Magneto this footage of Rogue to aid in his torture of him.  Magneto tells him that he and his X-men will never give up as long as they are alive.

Apparently Apocalypse's followers aren't so brave, as Holocaust prepares to teleport away when Rogue gets the upper hand against him in the fight.  He tries to take her with him but she is pulled back at the last minute, to find both an alive Sabretooth and Iceman standing there.  An angry Rogue declares that the age of Apocalypse is over.

This series was a nice treat for Rogue fans such as myself, getting to see her go through a whole range of emotions and also be an amazing leader.  This issue is also a good solid lead in to X-men: Omega.


  1. Agreed, solid issue with great action, art, and some nice character moments. My only problem was - as I'm going series by series instead of mixing them together chronologically as you did - that so much happened elsewhere between the last issue and here that it definitely has one of those crossover problems of feeling like reading a book where every other page has been ripped out.

    I guess this is something I'll need to get used to as my gradual read through Marvel takes me into the X-books of the 80s, 90s, and beyond. :)

    1. yeah, that's why I chose the order I did, because with crossovers like this it is often necessary. I'm experiencing the same thing right now with the X-men book, as I'm not reading any of the other X books and so the Battle for the Atom issues I'm reading make no sense at all.


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