Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Generation Next #3

Chamber and Skin are inside the slave labor compound and they witness the mutant guards treating the human slaves horribly.  A man and his daughter are killed simply because they stopped working for a moment when the dad offered his child some food he had left over.  These actions infuriate our two young mutants but Skin says they need to hold back and wait until they have a decent chance of winning.  Nearby, Mondo is making his way through by absorbing matter around him and hiding in the rocks.  After taking out one of the guards he saves Illyana's young friend who was thrown and sent to her death.  However when he sees Illyana, he leaves the other girl to get her.  He promises he will come back for her, but for now he takes Illyana and starts making his way out.

Husk and Vincente are hiding inside Quietus' skin, literally, impersonating him as their way of trying to make their way through here.  They run into a bit of trouble when the Sugar Man shows up and tries to get Quietus to look for any possible spies in the place.  They find Skin and Chamber, but have to pretend to be Quietus still and capture them and bring them to the Sugar Man, who demands they be executed.

Shadowcat and Colossus are just outside the compound, when Know-it-all contacts them and let's them know everything that's happening inside.  While she informs them that all of the students are in serious danger, Peter insists that rescuing Illyana is the only thing that matters.  They go to find Mondo while Husk in Quietus' guise fires at Chamber.

I continue to not really care for the overly gritty style of this particular comic.  I'll be happy to put this series behind me.


  1. +JMJ+

    This was my least favourite of the Age of Apocalypse series. =( "Overly gritty" is a good description of the style, but I also thought the characters were unnecessarily mean.

    1. Yeah. I'd really like to see an interview with the creators so they could try to explain just what they were thinking with this one.

    2. I think the main problem here is that the book thinks it's a lot funnier and wittier than it is, with the hopes that the humor will cut the grit... but it's not. All of the gags fall flat, leaving us with awkward jokes we're not laughing at as we're then just drenched in the grit. I like a lot of the ideas here, and still adore Bachalo's art, but it's just not delivering things right, with each page slamming into my rearview mirror with an atonal thud. This is the Leonard Part 6 of the Age of Apocalypse.

      Except for Mondo. He has some touching moments I like.


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