Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Factor X #3

Havok still hates his brother and plans to get rid of him, and even having Cyclops save his life from a rebelling mutant grizzly bear/bengal tiger hybrid that Beast created isn't changing that fact.  At the same time Jean is sneaking back into the facility to find Sinister, because she doesn't know he's gone.  Unfortunately for her she is attacked and captured by Havok.

Havok leads Cyclops to Beast's lair where Jean is now being held prisoner, and that leads to a flashback sequence that shows us what happened when she was captured many years ago.  She strongly refused to join Apocalypse's side no matter what they offered her, and it was that strong spirit of hers that made Scott question what he was doing and whether he should be following orders so blindly.  He was set to help her escape the complex when Logan showed up to rescue her, and it was Logan attacking first that resulted in the fight that made Cyclops lose an eye and Logan lose a hand.

Havok tells Cyclops he knows that he has been freeing the mutants from the pens, and he suggests that Jean is there to help him.  He tells his brother that if he wants to prove him wrong, he should kill her.  Of course Scott cannot do that so he ends up being tied up right along side Jean.  Jean is powerful enough to fight against the constraints Beast put on her, and she also flings off Cyclops' visor to help finish the deal and get them both free.  She tells him of the Human High Council's plan to nuke New York, and they both agree to set about freeing as many prisoners from the pens they can before that happens.

Meanwhile, the Bedlam Brothers visit Heaven to capture Scarlett who has been exposed as a spy, and they warn Angel to watch his back as Heaven may not be a safe haven for much longer.

Apocalypse sits in his throne room, and orders a message be sent to Havok - the pens are now useless with Sinister gone, so they can just go ahead and kill all those prisoners now.

The issue is certainly leading up to a climax, where Scott and Jean will have to race against time to try to free as many people as possible.  There's also a quick bit where Scarlett is shown being nauseous before she's captured, meaning obviously that she's pregnant.  But do you really expect Havok to care?  He's been quite the jerk so far.

This issue isn't necessarily a bad one, it just contains a lot of characters that I don't find myself caring about all that much.


  1. +JMJ+

    If Scott renounced Apocalypse now, do you think Jean would get back together with him?

    1. Well remember, they can't "get back together" because in this reality, they've never had a relationship before. Just a sort of quiet appreciation for each other. :) And considering what he's doing, I think Scott has essentially already renounced Apocalypse.

    2. +JMJ+

      The things I've forgotten . . . ;-)

      But I think Jean would want something more than an essential renunciation before really considering him. Then again, she can read his mind, so why bother with a declaration or overt act? LOL!


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