Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Amazing X-men #4

Quicksilver's team arrives to where they are keeping Bishop, and they split up.  Storm goes to save Bishop directly, while Quicksilver and Banshee go in search of Jamie Madrox to stop the Madri.

It turns out poor Jamie has been locked up in a cell, and he's been divided so many times that there isn't much left of his mind.

He's not controlling the Madri at all, it was Sinister and Beast who made them that way.  He begs for the two men to kill him, but Quicksilver finds he cannot let yet another innocent soul die.  Abyss comes in and interrupts them, informing them that Storm and Bishop are being outnumbered by the Madri and will die soon.  Quicksilver deliberates while Banshee makes a decision.

He dives head first into Abyss' chest, screaming all the way, letting go as hard as he can to tear Abyss apart with the vibrations.  Quicksilver mourns his friend while Jamie Madrox tells him he must go rescue Storm and Bishop while he can - Jamie has just enough energy left in him that he will take the Madri back.  Doing so kills him, but it does allow Storm and Bishop to escape from the collapsing building.

As the three X-men return to the mansion, they find Rogue yelling at Gambit for letting Guido take her son.  He explains that Guido was the only one who could have saved the baby from the falling debris.  Rogue despairs that both her son and husband are now in Apocalypse's hands.

Nightcrawler returns with Destiny, and Colossus is also there with Illyana.  Now that the gang is all together, it's time to take on Apocalypse.

This issue is definitely meant to be the large climax of this crossover, saving all but the biggest moments for the finale.  We're getting close to the end!  But first, we will have a brief diversion as we wrap up what's going on with the Human High Council in Weapon X and then X-universe.

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