Friday, September 6, 2013

X-Universe #2

The heroes we saw enter Mikhail's ship last issue are all planned to be experimented on and enhanced in the same way Murdock was, but it's a very dangerous process that kills most people subjected to it.  They choose to operate on Stark next, trying to remove the arc reactor from his chest so they can use it to power the ship.  However this plan backfires and temporarily overloads the ship.  This was actually the plan of the humans all along, and they use it to escape and also release the other humans who were captured on board.  Donald Blake injects Tony with adrenaline straight to his heart to revive him and let him escape as well.

Mikhail is currently meeting with the remaining members of the Human High Council which are Mr. and Mrs. Trask and General Ross, asking if they will agree to let him rule Eurasia.  They're not interested, and Mikhail has one of his minions shoot Moira point blank in the face.

Murdock is watching over Empath who is keeping the humans devoted to Mikhail, when the two of them touch hands accidentally.  For the first time since being enhanced, Murdock feels something, and in experiencing all the pain around him, he kills Empath and therefore breaks Mikhail's hold over everyone outside.  Ben and Sue fly around in ships trying to rescue as many humans from the chaos as they can while Tony realizes that the nuclear missiles have been launched.

Blake takes on Mikhail despite his injuries and is able to send the mutant to his death. Banner becomes the Hulk for a time, attacking the heroes, but when Stark says he needs Banner, that's apparently enough to change him back.  Victor wants to use the missiles to destroy Apocalypse, but Tony says "None of us ever set out to be Avengers."  Yeah, they went there.  Gwen also punches Von Doom in the face for not bringing Blake back with him.  Since earth is about to become a nuclear wasteland, they aim their ship toward space, hoping for the best.

I did my best to do a high level summary here, because once again this issue is slam packed full of characters with a lot happening all at once and it really makes it all very confusing.  Perhaps if you were reading Iron Man, Thor, Hulk, and Fantastic Four around this time period it might make more sense, but I wasn't so I can't say for sure.  Much like Generation Next, this is another part of the crossover that just isn't worth collecting.

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