Sunday, September 1, 2013

X-Man #4

So apparently my deduction at the end of X-Calibre #4 was slightly off, as it seems that the Shadow King is able to fracture himself a bit, and they only killed off a piece of him.  A part of him is still alive and letting Apocalypse know that Domino failed to kill Nate.  This makes Apocalypse pretty pissed off.  But he can't do anything about Nate right now, because he's busy torturing Magneto.

Nate meanwhile is fighting Sinister.  Or perhaps the better word is attacking, as Sinister is not fighting him back.  He's not the least bit bothered by the fact that Nate is tearing a big whole in his middle, and instead starts telling Nate about his past and why he was created.  Sinister engineered him from the DNA of Cyclops and Jean Grey as a living weapon to destroy Apocalypse.  Once Sinister and Apocalypse both wanted to evolve mutants to an even higher state of being, but now Apocalypse only wants death, and therefore Sinister wants to stop him.

Nate is not too happy about finding out his true purpose in life, and tells Sinister he has no interest in helping him.  He somehow beats him up using enhanced strength from his telepathic powers, and this is enough to make Sinister bleed and finally die.

After saying goodbye to Sonique and Soaron, Nate searches for Magneto and finds him with Apocalypse.  As he reaches Manhattan, he runs directly into Cyclops and Jean Grey, and as much as he didn't want to believe Sinister, seeing these two in front of him makes him realize they really are his parents.  Jean can also sense it and offers for him to join them.  He tells her no, that he must face his destiny.  He goes off in search of Apocalypse.

Seeing Sinister's appearance in this issue reminds me of why he was one of my favorite villains.  Sinister doesn't care about any of your foolishness because he is both smarter and stronger than you, and he already set his plan into effect 35 minutes ago, if you know what I mean.  He's the type of villain who is a villain because he's willing to take extreme measure to meet his goals.  But that also means he's willing to admit when he screws up, and can even sometimes work on the side of good if it suits him and the people involved are willing to trust him.  And even if they don't, he'll probably find some behind the scenes way to fix it as he wants anyway.

Beyond that, the meeting with Cyclops, Jean, and Nate reminds me an awful lot of moments that happened in the animated series when they ran into Cable and Jean realized what was going on, so that was kind of neat.  Otherwise, it's largely set up for leading into X-Men: Omega, so there's not much else to say.

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