Thursday, September 5, 2013

Weapon X #4

The Human High Council is trying to convince Gateway to help them, but it takes Logan showing him up close and personal a young girl being killed in cold blood to make him agree.  We see a brief scene with Apocalypse and one of his minions called Rex, which is mostly there to let us know that the technology that Donald Pierce and his crew are covered with does not let them die easily.

While Gateway and Weapon X sit on the top of one of the airships, Pierce comes flying inside and reveals that Brian Braddock was a traitor to the human cause because similar to Guido, he was infected with something near his heart.  He tries to fight back now, but he's too late and is killed by Pierce.  Pierce has also resurrected Carol, seemingly merged her with parts from Vultura, and sends her up after Gateway.

Carol is just too cool to be completely controlled though and she begs Logan to kill her so she can't fulfill her orders.  He doesn't have to though, as Pierce comes up and decides to kill her instead of waiting around to see what will happen.  Logan's good arm has been hurt, and Pierce thinks he's got this one won when Logan lets him in on a secret - he may have lost his arm, but his claws were sitting in his forearm when Cyclops cut off his hand, so they are still there.  He stabs Pierce in the gut and seemingly kills him again.

Gateway prepares an extra huge portal to try to get the entire armada through to attack Apocalypse.  As is the norm for these, what happens is to be concluded in X-men Omega.  There was also a brief mention in the issue that Apocalypse has not heard from Mikhail at this point, and we'll here what he's up to first in the next issue.

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  1. +JMJ+

    The claws hidden in the forearm twist is so Wolverine! =P


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