Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Castle Rock Cash In - Firestarter 2: Rekindled

I can understand the appeal for someone to try to make a sequel to Firestarter, particularly one starring an older Charlie.  Her powers will still be with her for the rest of her life, and there are sure to be obstacles related to that.  However, the moment I heard that Rainbird was in this sequel, I was pretty turned off.  He's 100% dead at the end of the book, and he sure didn't seem to make it at the end of the film either.  But apparently they decided to slap some burn scar makeup on him and go with it.  Of course he's once again not played by a Native American either.

"Despite the DVD having a "2" slapped on the title, this isn't so much a sequel to the earlier film as it is an overall franchise reboot. In the first half, we get copious flashbacks to the timeline of that film, with Charlie's father on the run with her, Charline cutting lose with the fire at the farmhouse, and she being both befriended and studied by Rainbird, but very little of it actually plays out they way it did in '84." (Read the rest of Noel's review here)

Having now read Noel's review, I guess I need to at least give this one a shot.  If it contains elements of a reboot, I at least can't be mad at it for the inconsistency anymore.

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  1. And they didn't even try to make Malcolm McDowell look Native American in this one. He's just a dude named Rainbird. :)


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